ETERNAL Transmission Vol.28/18/2022

To all the fans of the G Generation series,

Hello again!
This is the SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL dev team.

It's been roughly a month since we released the first entry in the ETERNAL Transmission dev blog, but we're glad to announce that we've finally started recruiting for the Closed Beta Test ("CBT")!

So today, we would like to go over what you can expect from the CBT!

First, we regret to inform you that the number of applicants will be limited in this CBT, as our primary focus is to collect data to make adjustments and stress test gameplay features.
We understand that this may come as a disappointment for eager fans who were looking forward to participating in the CBT, but please rest assured that we will be considering all of the feedback and opinions collected throughout the test to create the best possible experience for our fans.
So if you are interested, please make sure to register for the CBT!

Closed Beta Test Outline

1. Play select stages during the CBT

You'll be able to experience a portion of the scenario stages of the following Gundam works in the CBT!

  • ・Mobile Suit Gundam
  • ・Mobile Suit Gundam THUNDERBOLT

G Gen ETERNAL offers an immersive experience where you can enjoy scenes from the series while playing through the scenario.
Also, as mentioned in ETERNAL Transmission Vol.1, battles will be rich with various cutscene animations and character voice lines to further enhance your experience!
And although the battle and scenario experiences have been separated in this game, we hope that the animations will come together with all the various gameplay elements to create the most immersive experience possible.
Please feel free to share your feedback and opinions with us!

2. Sortie by creating your very own unique squad and experience various battle animations!

You'll be able to sortie in exciting battles by mixing and matching various MS units and characters to create your own unique squad!
Also, as previously mentioned, G Gen ETERNAL will be returning to the roots of the G Generation series known for its strategy gameplay on grid-based maps. As such, we'd like you to take your time to fully experience the UI and controls as you command your units and battle across the battlefield.

As for battle animations, you will be able to enjoy and experience "full" and "quick" battle animations during battle. We have also introduced a few examples over at our official Twitter (, so make sure to check them out!

3. Train, Develop, and Produce various units and characters!

During the CBT period, you'll be able to obtain various units and upgrade them by using the Train, Develop, and Produce features familiar in the G Generation series!
Although you won't have access to all the features in full, the units that will be available in the CBT will primarily be those closely related to the Gundam works introduced in section 1 above, but will include MSV units, units from related series, and even some original G Generation series units.
Please look forward to them!

In summary, this concludes what you can expect from the CBT! *Please note that the details and content introduced here are still in development and may be different in the official release.

CBT Applications

For details, please check out the CBT application website.

The deadline for applications is 9/7 7:59 (PDT), so make sure to apply!
Also, please be sure to read the User Agreement carefully on the application page before applying for the CBT.

The following are important details that are often overlooked, so please take your time and read through them carefully.

  • ・To apply for the beta test, users must agree to this User Agreement, the Bandai Namco Terms and Conditions, and the beta test Terms and Conditions (
  • ・An Apple ID or Google Account, as well as an email address registered to either said Apple ID or Google Account, will be required to participate in the beta test. Furthermore, you will not be able to change your email address once you have registered.
    *The email address used for the application needs to be the same email registered to your Apple ID or Google Account. In addition, the same account and email address will be required to participate in the beta test, so please make sure you are able to access both moving forward.
  • ・The supported platforms and devices for the beta test are as follows:
    -Google Play (Android 9.0 or above / 4GB memory (RAM) or more)
    -App Store (iPhone 8 and onward / iOS 11.0 or above)
    *iPad and tablet devices are not supported for this test.
    *For iOS devices, you will be required to install the "TestFlight" app separately.

Before we sign off, we would like to remind everyone that we hope to use the feedback and opinions from our fans gained through this CBT to create the best G Gen ETERNAL experience possible, so we look forward to hearing from you all.
Also, after the CBT ends, we are planning to release a new ETERNAL Transmission dev blog with the gameplay data collected from the CBT.
So make sure to check back for the latest updates!

G Gen Eternal Dev Team

*Although the images displayed here are in Japanese,
please rest assured that the actual game will be available
in the appropriate language for supported regions.