ETERNAL Transmission Vol.31/26/2023

This is the “SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL” dev team.

We held the Closed Beta Test (“CBT”) last September, and although participation was limited, we’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone who participated and cooperated with the CBT!

Since then, the dev team has reviewed the CBT gameplay data, the survey responses, as well as everyone’s feedback and requests.
So in this latest entry of the ETERNAL Transmission dev blog, we will discuss the currently planned future improvements based on the above!


Although we received many applications for the CBT, unfortunately, we had to limit the number of applicants to 1,500 due to the limitations of the test. We apologize to those who were looking forward to the CBT but were unable to participate. At the same time, we are grateful for the high number of applicants and your enthusiasm. We were also able to gather valuable gameplay data and feedback with the CBT.

Some participants have posted their CBT gameplay and their feedback about their experience as well. So if you haven’t had the chance to see them yet, you can check them out at the link below!

Now, some of you may be wondering what the overall CBT gameplay experience was like and what the participants’ general feedback was, so we’d like to present that information with the results of the post-CBT participant survey!

CBT Gameplay Survey Result

  • *Data is compiled from all CBT regions (Japan, United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea).
Overall game satisfaction

While 80% of the respondents expressed satisfaction, we also received many points of dissatisfaction and suggestions for improvement. The following shows the level of satisfaction for various aspects of the game.

Level of satisfaction for various aspects of the game

While there were a lot of aspects that players were happy about, the most common complaints were the following two points:

  • ・Upgrade/Training systems
  • ・Development/Production systems

The following points were also raised as specific complaints and areas for improvement.

  • ・Not enough capital or materials
  • ・I don't know where to get the upgrade materials
  • ・There are too many different types of upgrade materials

While it’s true that the Upgrade and Development systems were partially limited for the CBT, your feedback pushed us to implement the following for the official release:

  • ・Adjusting overall balance
  • ・Expanding ways to obtain capital and upgrade materials
  • ・Revising in-game screens to make it easier to understand and access necessary materials

Although the "Production" system was unavailable during the CBT, we are currently working to implement it for the official release.

In addition, we received a lot of positive feedback for the following:

  • ・Graphics/Animation

As you can see below, we believe that being able to enjoy playing a G Gen game on mobile with high-quality graphics and animations like the home console versions in the G Gen series was a strong selling point.

Most enjoyed points from the CBT

The most enjoyable points that topped the list were:

  • ・Being able to experience gameplay similar to the home console G Gen games
  • ・Being able to play at your own pace with the auto-play feature

Although G Gen Eternal is a mobile game, players gave it high praise for providing a gameplay experience like that of the home console versions along with quality-of-life enhancements only found in mobile games.

We’ve also received comments such as the following:

  • ・I enjoy the wide variety of units available. I would love to see a complete catalogue of every unit in Gundam eventually.
  • ・The slide to attack control feature is great and would really be nice on other tactics games like cross rays.

For the above points, we plan to continue working hard to further improve the quality of the game.

Most requested points for improvement from the CBT

Next, we would like to introduce some feedback and requests we received that are most relevant for the future development of the game.

We intend to concentrate our efforts in order to prioritize responding to these requests.

In addition, we plan to respond to many of the following feedback and requests:

  • ・The battle takes place inside the colony, but the battle animation is shown in space
  • ・Addition of more variations to character voice lines
  • ・Addition for additional music from each series and character voices for each scenario
    →We had limited some of the game data during the CBT as there were many items still under development.
    For the official release, we're planning to include a wide variety of backgrounds, voices, and battle BGM.
  • ・It was a little difficult at times to understand the range of movement and attacks in certain stages, so I'd like to see this improved
  • ・The UI for selecting actions and units during battle should be placed and sized so that it is easy to tap
  • ・Please adjust the AI when using the auto-play feature so that units that are out of EN will move toward the Warship automatically
    →We believe that "playability" and "ease of understanding" are important factors in fully enjoying and experiencing battle content.
    Because battle content accounts for a large percentage of the player's time, the development team is giving it high priority to improve to make it the best experience possible.

Next, we’ll go over some gameplay data from the CBT.

CBT Gameplay Data

Player Ranks

Despite the CBT only being a short week, there were many people who got to very high ranks. Thank you so much for playing!
Based on these results, we've decided to adjust the balance of the ranking system so that players of all playstyles can enjoy the game.

Content Play Rates

The scenario stages were the CBT's main content, and many people played them, but the upgrade material stages, and the ETERNAL stages had low play rates.

Mobile Suit Upgrade Ranking (Max Parameter)
Mobile Suit Acquisition Rank
  • *Excludes the initial and guaranteed MS units obtained during the CBT (Tornado Gundam, Phoenix Gundam, Phoenix Zero, Carry Base 2, Phoenix Gundam (Power Unleashed)).

MS Acquisition Rate (number of MS obtained/number of MS available)

Mobile Suit Sortie Rank
  • *The Phoenix Gundam (Power Unleashed) was a guaranteed MS that could be obtained in the CBT tutorial gasha.
Character Scouts

We believe Sig Wedner had a very high scout rate due to his availability from the start of the CBT and his relatively high initial stats.

In Closing

Lastly, we would like to conclude this message with some more survey results.

Intention to continue playing after release

More than 90% of respondents stated that they would like to play the game.
Of course, this is assuming that various issues have been resolved in time for the official release and that the game lives up to expectations.

What fans look forward to the most

The following are the main points that users expect from G Generation ETERNAL.

  • ・Collecting various MS units to form the strongest Squad
  • ・Being able to experience the stories of past Gundam works
  • ・Focusing on upgrading one single MS unit to make it the strongest
  • ・The game contains an exhaustive list of Gundam works and units from the franchise
  • ・Being able to upgrade and form Squads with my favorite MS units and characters

We fully recognize that these are all core aspects that make up the "G Generation" series.
We'll continue to improve the game while focusing our efforts on addressing various issues so that fans and newcomers can both enjoy a "G Generation" experience that lives up to the series.

While the game is still under development, we plan to focus our efforts on the following points, taking the CBT into account, in order to make the game even more enjoyable:

  • ・Increasing the number of units available at the time of release as well as improving the unit animations
  • ・Making the game that lives up to the quality of the original works
  • ・Adjusting the balance of the Development and Upgrade systems
  • ・Improving the UI/UX
  • ・Fixing various issues and bugs

We know that everyone is eager to play the game, so we sincerely apologize for asking you to wait a little longer. However, we will continue working hard to improve the quality of the game so that as many players as possible can enjoy it. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Before we sign off, once again, we'd like to thank everyone who applied and participated in the CBT!
We'll be taking everyone's feedback and requests into account as we continue to develop and improve the game for its official release.
We'll also continue to post updates on our official website and social media platforms, so please stay tuned!

We hope you will continue to enjoy "SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL".

“SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL” Development Team