Game System

SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL is a mobile strategy game featuring G Generation's tactical gameplay where you command a squad of units in battle on grid-based maps.
There's also an auto mode that's perfect for casual play on your smartphone!

Squad Formation

In this installment, you can create "warship groups" centered around a warship, or "mobile groups" composed of individual units.
Assemble your favorite units and characters from various "Gundam" series to create your own original squad!

Relive Gundam Stories

Relive scenes from the original Gundam works through tons of exciting stages!
Experience all the unforgettable locations and famous quotes from your favorite Gundam series—or even those from entries you haven't seen yet!

Training & Event Stages

There are more than just stages where you can experience the mainline Gundam stories!
There's training stages where you can earn materials for powering up units, event stages where you can obtain new units themselves, and more!
We also plan to implement high-difficulty stages that will require all of your strategic prowess to overcome. The fun never stops!


"Development" is a central game mechanic in the G Generation series where you use your powered-up units to create new ones!
Try your hand at developing all kinds of new units for your squad!

Obtaining Units, Warships,
& Characters

You can obtain new units, warships, and characters by completing stages, via development, and through quests!
Enjoy the challenge of overcoming the obstacles each stage puts in your path and aim to create your own unique squad with the array of units you collect along the way!

Powering Up & Training

You can power up and train the units and characters you've obtained by having them battle in various stages.
Plus, you can obtain power-up materials in training stages which can instantly make your units even more powerful!
Take your favorite units to the next level!

More to come

Not only will this game have the overall structure and features you know and love from the G Generation series, but there are also plenty of new additions in development just for this release!

*The image shown is the Japanese version.
*Content shown is currently in development.