Beta Test

Regarding the Closed Beta Test

The Closed Beta Test has ended.
Click here for the gameplay report.

The following information is about the Closed Beta Test (the "test" or "CBT") that will be implemented in order to improve and adjust game content, as well as to test the game functions in preparation for the official release.
Using the feedback and opinions provided by the users from the CBT, we hope to improve all aspects of the game in time for the release. We kindly ask for your participation.

*Android and iOS devices that use Google Play and the App Store are eligible for the test.
*Tablet devices are not eligible.

Test Period
9/20/2022 19:00 - 9/27 18:59 (PDT) (sched.)
 *Subject to change without notice.
Application Period
Applications Closed
Selection Results
9/14/2022 8:00 (PDT) or later
 *Subject to change without notice.
Closed Beta Test Schedule
Closed Beta Test start: 9/20 19:00 (PDT)
Closed Beta Test end: 9/27 18:59 (PDT)
*The test may be ended earlier regardless of the schedule.

User Agreement

SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL
Closed Beta Testers Wanted

This User Agreement applies to the "SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL" Closed Beta Test ("Test" or "Beta Test") operated by Bandai Namco Entertainment ("Bandai Namco").
To apply for the test, please read and agree to the User Agreement. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must read it with you agree on your behalf in order to apply.

Beta Test Outline
  • ■Period
    9/20 20:00 – 9/27/2022 19:59 (PDT)
  • ■Participants: Appx. 1,500
  • ■Platforms: iOS/Android
  • ■Application Period
    8/17 – 9/6/2022 7:59 (PDT)

*The test and application period may be subject to change without prior notice.

  • ■Beta test application details
    Access the application form (URL: and fill out the necessary information to apply for the beta test. Should the number of applicants exceed the test participant limit, successful applicants will be selected randomly. Only successful applicants will be notified via email to their registered email address.

    • *The email address used for the application needs to be the same email registered to your Apple ID or Google Account. In addition, the same account and email address will be required to participate in the beta test, so please make sure you are able to access both moving forward.
    • *The selection result notifications are planned to be sent out from 9/14/2022 (PDT). However, this date may be subject to change.
    • *If you are unable to receive the selection result email notification, your selection will become invalid.
    • *We are unable to re-send the selection result email notification.
    • *We are unable to answer any inquiries regarding the selection results.
  • ・Only residents of the USA may apply.
  • ・To apply for the beta test, users must agree to this User Agreement, the Bandai Namco Terms and Conditions, and the beta test Terms and Conditions (
  • ・An Apple ID or Google Account, as well as an email address registered to either said Apple ID or Google Account, will be required to participate in the beta test. Furthermore, you will not be able to change your email address once you have registered.
  • ・The supported platforms and devices for the beta test are as follows:
    -Google Play (Android 9.0 or above / 4GB memory (RAM) or more)
    -App Store (iPhone 8 and onward / iOS 11.0 or above)
    *iPad and tablet devices are not supported for this test.
    *For iOS devices, you will be required to install the "TestFlight" app separately.
    *The email address entered during the beta test application will only be used for the sole purposes of the beta test application, lottery, management, email notifications, test survey, and linking the user's gameplay data. The email address will be discarded from our system after the intended use.
  • ・Users may only apply once for the beta test.
  • ・Individual user support for in-game issues will not be provided during the beta test.
  • ・The beta test date and details may change without prior notice.
  • ・Users may experience disruptions during play during the beta test.
  • ・The beta test contains some content that cannot be accessed, or content that differs from the official release version. You will be able to experience a portion of the content that is expected to be included in the official release.
  • ・The game may be subject to emergency maintenance without prior notice during the beta test.
  • ・Game mechanics and content may be subject to changes without prior notice during the beta test.
  • ・The beta test may be subject to early termination without prior notice.
  • ・Data collected during the test will be used to improve the game and gameplay experience.
  • ・The beta test version features content that is currently under development and may differ from the official release.
  • ・Player data and progression will not be carried over to the official release.
  • ・Transferring, selling, or lending beta test participation privileges and the beta test app is prohibited.
  • ・In-game purchases are disabled during the test period.
  • ・Please uninstall the test app after the beta test has ended. Attempting to install the official release app without uninstalling the test app may result in unexpected errors.
  • ・The OS and device requirements may be subject to change with the official release, and devices supported during the beta test may no longer be supported.
  • ・If the user is determined to have breached the Terms and Conditions, their participation rights may be revoked.
  • ・Users must burden any internet connection fees incurred themselves.

For any inquiries regarding the beta test, please contact customer support below.
〈Customer Support〉

*We are unable to answer any inquiries regarding the selection results.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This User Agreement was created in compliance with and is to be interpreted with reference to Japanese law. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the beta test shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.

Personal Information

Personal information will be used for the beta test applicant selection process and to provide customer support. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for details as to how BANDAI NAMCO handles personal information.

*Company and product names listed on this page are subject to copyright by their respective copyright holders.

Click here for details on the available content in the CBT!

Get a taste by playing select stages available in the CBT!

You can experience a selection of stages featuring content from Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, and Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt.

Form your own squad and sortie! Experience the battle animations for yourself!
  • ■Squad Formation
    You can form your own unique squad from a wide variety of warships, units and characters.
  • ■Combat
    Sortie in the CBT's grid-based battlefield stages and command your units to enjoy the gameplay the G Generation series is known for!
  • ■Battle Animations
    Enjoy all the full and cut-in animations during battle!
Enjoy training, developing, and producing the units and characters!
  • ■Training
    You can power up your units and characters.
  • ■Development
    You can use your powered up units to "Develop" new ones!
  • ■Production
    Add developed warships and units to the Production List and use "Produce" to obtain them!

  • *Some content and features may differ from official release.
  • *Content shown is currently in development and may differ from what users experience in the Closed Beta Test.

*Japanese version shown. The actual game will be available in each supported region's language.