ETERNAL Transmission Vol.17/13/2022

To all the fans of the "G Generation" series.,

This is the "SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL" dev team.

It's already been about a month and a half since we announced the latest entry in the G Generation series in the "Gundam Game Fest" livestream in May, and we are aware that all our fans are very eager to hear more information.

Although we have previously announced the Closed Beta Test ("CBT"), we would like to ask for a little bit more time, as we are still in the process of preparing for the CBT implementation and recruitment.

However, we understand that all our fans are eager to learn more about "SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL" ("G Gen ETERNAL"), so today we have prepared the first volume of the "ETERNAL Transmission" dev blog to summarize what you can expect in this latest entry.

Some of you may have already seen it, but today we also released the first key visual for G Gen ETERNAL, so please check it out!

  • KV

The key visual is filled to the brim with Mobile Suits worthy of the "G Generation" series, known for the experience of being able to collect your favorite Mobile Suits and characters from the generations of past works in the world of Gundam.

Also, since the announcement, we have seen an immense response from all our fans around the world, and not only just fans who look forward to the game, but also voices of concern.
So today, we want to ease some of those concerns and show off what you can expect as we head into the CBT!

We will be discussing some very important points in detail, so please make sure to give it a read to the very end!
Please be aware that there may be changes to the content provided today as the game is still in development.

0. Introduction

First of all, we think the biggest concern that many of you have is that this is a "mobile game".

We're sure some of you are already aware, but this is the third mobile game entry in this series, succeeding "SD Gundam G Generation Frontier" and "SD Gundam G Generation RE".

However, with the "G Generation" smartphone series of games up until now, we have received feedback from fans, such as:

  • ・The gameplay experience strays too far from the pre-mobile generation of games in the series.
  • ・You can only get Mobile Suits by playing the gasha, so it's hard to make a squad with your favorite units.

These points have made the series stray far from the original gameplay experience found in the home console “G Generation” series of games.

In “G Gen ETERNAL”, we will be tackling the aforementioned issues in order to deliver the same genuine gameplay experience offered by the home console version of "G Gen" series that fans can enjoy, by listening to fan feedback and suggestions through the CBT and pull out all the stops with the development.

1. Units

First of all, we’d like to address the elephant in the room: the game will indeed feature "gasha" elements. However, we will be making it so that the primary method of obtaining new units will be through the use of the Development and Production game functions.

As such, the chances of being unable to form your favorite squad because your favorite units are locked by gasha has been reduced.

Having said that, please understand that there may be cases depending on the timing of new scenario updates and events, where new Mobile Suits and other units will be first available through gasha.

2. Story

When it comes to mobile games, one of the major components is of course, the "Stamina" system.
While "G Generation ETERNAL" does also implement the "Stamina" system, we have made it so that stamina will not be required to progress through the scenario stages that tell the stories from the vast world of past Gundam works, a trademark of the "G Generation" series. So you will be able to play at your own pace, and even begin your epic space adventure by choosing any scenario that you want to start with, based on your favorite entry in the Gundam series. We have made it so that you will be able to enjoy the story as much as you want by removing the need to consume stamina for scenario stages!

  • *Certain event stages and high difficulty stages will require stamina.

We are planning for a total of 18 different Gundam works for the scenarios that will be available on release, and we will be adding scenario updates and adding brand-new and updated scenarios post-release.

  • *Certain scenarios will be split and have staggered release schedules.

There is one other major difference between the mobile and home console G Generation gameplay experience, which is the overall volume of each scenario stage. Normally, each stage would take around an hour, but we have divided up the stages into smaller segments that can be cleared in about 15 minutes.

  • *Completion time will vary depending on each stage.

The intention of splitting up the stages is to allow players more freedom to go in and out of game between each stage. However, we know that some of you want to get immersed and focus on the story, so perhaps you might be concerned about the overall volume of the scenarios. But please be rest assured that, even though we divided the stages into shorter segments, we have done so while avoiding cutting down the overall story.

We would love to hear your opinions and suggestions about this through the CBT!

  • Story
  • Story

3. Battle System & Battle Animations

As previously announced on the official site, "G Gen ETERNAL" will retain the signature gameplay experience known in the "G Generation" series, and it will be a proper simulation game where you control your units on grid-based battlefields!

  • Battle System

We are also planning on adding an "Auto-Mode" function, so you will be able to easily play event stages and such where you can get upgrade materials as well!

We'd also like to talk a little bit about battle animations.
In "G Gen ETERNAL", considering the sheer volume of data and to deliver a pleasant gameplay experience for everyone, there won't be "full battle animations" for everything. So during battle, "quick Battle Animation" will only show the attacking unit in the animation. We kindly ask for your understanding about this.

  • Full Battle Animation

  • Quick Battle Animation

However, we are planning on making it rich and more than just simple battle animations, so there will be cutscene animations and character voice lines during stages. As such, despite the shorter duration of each stage, we will be making each scenario with a stronger sense of immersion of the original works.

4. Gasha

As previously mentioned, Mobile Suits and other units will also be available through the gasha system.

We are planning to first have new units be available through gasha and then later make them obtainable through the scenario and events. Fundamentally, new units will be obtained through the Development and Production functions. However, we will be making it so that the gasha system will allow you the chance to get your favorite units before they are added into scenario stages.

As such, gasha will allow you to get the following:

  • ・early-access to units
  • ・units already upgraded to a high GRADE
  • ・units that already have skills
  • ・a chance to get units with ETERNAL Arms depending on the unit (discussed below)
  • *Early-access units are scheduled to be released in scenario stages or events at a later date.
  • *All units can be upgraded to the highest GRADE, however the initial GRADE may vary depending on the type of acquisition.
  • *Please rest assured that there won't be any gasha systems where only weapons but no Mobile Suits and such can be obtained.

Also, units obtained through gasha may have a chance to be equipped with "ETERNAL Arms", which will have unique battle animations special to G Generation Eternal.

These are extra special animations that are only available with these ETERNAL Arms, so please look forward to them!

5. Upgrading & Training

By upgrading and training units, their status parameters will go up and get stronger.

The main primary upgrade parameters are as follows:

  • Lv - By upgrading a unit's Lv, they will get upgrade points, which can be used to increase their status parameters.
  • Grade - By upgrading the unit's Grade, their status parameters will get a substantial increase.
  • Alteration - This upgrades the unit's status parameters.
  • Skill Lv - This upgrades the effects of the unit's skills.
  • Ability Lv - This upgrades the effects of the unit's abilities.
  • *Other upgrade parameters will be introduced at a later date.
  • Training

In G Generation ETERNAL, all Mobile Suit units will be near equal in power once fully upgraded to their max parameters, which will allow you to focus on upgrading your favorite units to create your dream squad and sortie. We say, "near equal in power", as although their status parameters will be exactly the same when fully upgraded, each unit will still have their own unique skills and abilities, which will give them their own unique strengths and weaknesses.
Having said that, we made it so that every unit can be upgraded to be excellent top-notch fighters. So please upgrade your favorite units and enjoy your very own "G Gen ETERNAL" immersive experience!

Of course, it can't be a proper "G Generation" title without the "Development" and "Production" features. So don't worry! These features will be in the game allowing you to obtain new units!

6. Featured Works

We think the featured works is another major point that fans are wondering about, so we'll talk a little bit about this too.

As you may have already noticed from the trailer, there will also be works and units from the Gundam series appearing in the G Generation series for the first time, and there will be over 700 units available on release! Also, as mentioned on the official site, there will be a total of 18 featured titles on release, however we plan to add more featured works through updates to make this the biggest in the history of the G Generation series! Stay tuned for the latest exciting information!

We’ve introduced a lot of things today, but we are also planning to add the "Master Unit" and "Support" systems previously prominent in the "G Generation" series. However, in order to maintain a fair balance for PVP and taking the level design into consideration, the "Sub-flight System" has been omitted from this entry.

More details on the game features and functions will be announced at a later date!

7. CBT Details

Lastly, we'd like to talk about the upcoming CBT.

In the CBT, you can experience a selection of stages featuring content from the Gundam series, create your own squad, sortie, and enjoy battle animations! There will also be about 100 units available, and you will also be able to use functions like Training, Development, and Production to get units and characters!

We look forward to seeing everyone enjoy the CBT, so please feel free to shower us you’re your valuable opinions and suggestions!

Please wait just a little longer until the CBT registration begins!

Before we sign off, we would like to reiterate that the game is still in development and is undergoing adjustments. ETERNAL Transmission Vol.1 and the latest G Gen information can be viewed on our official social media pages, so stay updated and look forward to the latest news!

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G Gen Eternal Dev Team

*The image shown is the Japanese version.
*Content shown is currently in development.